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A Seminar & Exhibition on “Shroud of Turin” has successfully been held on October 22, 2016 at Nusrat Jahan College. (Participation = 170)

A Career counselling seminar held by Nazarat Taleem in Faisalabad on November 20, 2016. More than 800 participants. Click Here for Glimpse

A Seminar on “Science of Weather Forecast” has been held on November 06, 2016 at Nusrat Jahan College.

Nazarat Taleem invites applications for teaching Physics at Secondary School Level. The Education Requirement is BSc, BS and MSc in the relevant subject. Experienced candidates will be given a priority. Students currently doing BS Physics can also apply.

A Seminar on “Honey a Cure for Mankind” successfully held on December 01, 2016. International Conference on “Internal Medicine & Tropical Cardiology” successfully held on December 03-04, 2016 at Tahir Heart Institute.



starAcademic Advisory Board

The role of the Academic Advisory Committee is to manage the academic affairs of the college and prepare recommendations to administration about academic and research programs. Academic Advisory Committee is comprised of learned team from academia, research institutes and industry.

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Welcome to our College!

Nusrat Jahan College was established in September, 2011. The NJC is a comprehensive institution with excellent cultural and sporting facilities. The institute is committed to contribute to a better future in Pakistan by raising an excellent generation of students. The institution actively strives to inculcate moral values in students and to prepare them for future practical life.

Our Mission

To provide quality, professionalism and effective and recognized training for the local community for the purpose of student’s educational development and career enrichment opportunities.

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starDirector’s Message

It is my dream and vision to transform our student’s personality through modern pedagogical teaching and excellent educational environment. Progressive and futuristic thinking, research and career counseling are the main pillars which will enable students to become successful entrepreneurs and better citizens, which are pivotal for the national integration of our country.

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starPrincipal’s Message

Welcome to NJC!The college years are a time for growth, challenge and discovery. At NJC, we encourage and prepare students to participate fully, to take risks, to be self-advocates, and to create lasting memories and relationships with their peers and staff. I am proud to be the principal of such a nurturing staff and a member of the “NJC Family” under the umbrella of Nazarat Taleem. plusread more