starAcademic Advisory Board

The role of the Academic Advisory Committee is to manage the academic affairs of the college and prepare recommendations to administration about academic and research programs. Academic Advisory Committee is comprised of learned team from academia, research institutes and industry.

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abdul salam

Abdus Salam School of Sciences

He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1979, for his theoretical unification of the two fundamental forces of nature. A year before his Nobel Prize, he was awarded the Royal Medal of the Royal Society of London. He was a Foreign Member of the National Academy of Sciences of USA and also of USSR, a rare ‘double-first’ which demonstrates his important position in the world of Sciences. plusread more


M.M.Ahmad School of Business

Mirza Muzaffar Ahmad, commonly known as M.M.Ahmad was a highly regarded civil servant of Pakistan. He was educated first at Government College, Lahore, and later at the University of London and the University of Oxford in United Kingdom. He joined the Indian Civil Service (ICS) in 1939. After Partition in 1947 he joined the Civil Service of Pakistan (CSP), this was to mark the beginning of an illustrious and distinguished career within the Pakistan Civil Service.

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Sir Zafarullah Khan School of Social Sciences and Languages.

Chaudhry Sir Muhammad Zafarullah Khan was one of the leading Founding Fathers of modern Pakistan. He was politician, statesman, diplomat, international jurist, and a prominent scholar.He was famous for drafting the Pakistan Resolution, being the first foreign minister of Pakistan, for his persuasive representation of Pakistan and the Palestinians at the United Nations

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