Admission Requirement

The following requirements must be fulfilled by the student in order to get admission in desired subjects of BA or BSc and B.Com.

Eligibility Criteria:

Program/Subjects Previous Degree Marks Obtained Entry Test
Biological Sciences FSc Pre Medical Above 60% No
Biological Sciences FSc Pre Medical Below 60% Yes
Biological Sciences FSc Pre Engineering Above 60% Yes*
Biological Sciences Humanities/Other N/A N/A
Mathematics FSc Pre Medical Above 60& Yes**
Mathematics FSc Pre Engineering Below 60% Yes
Mathematics FSc Pre Engineering Above 60% No
Mathematics Commerce Above 60% No
Mathematics Humanities with Math Above 60% No
Mathematics Humanities with Math Above 60% Yes
Mathematics Other (Arts Subjects) N/A N/A
Commerce Commerce Above 60% No
Commerce Commerce Below 60% Yes
Commerce Pre Engineering Above 60% No
Commerce Pre Engineering Below 60% Yes
Commerce FSc Pre Medical Above 60% Yes**
Commerce FSc Pre Medical Below 60% N/A
Fine Arts Anyl At Least 50% Yes
English Literature English Subject Above 60% No
English Literature English Subject Below 60% N/A
Humanities Group Any Min 45% No
Languages Any Min 45% No
Note:*Student must have additional Biology Exam from relevant Board.
     **Student must have additional Mathematics Exam from relevant Board.

Note:Entry Test Passing Marks are 60 out of 100.	

Promotion Policies

Promotion Grading Formula

Class Attendance		= 5
Monthly Tests			= 5
Term Test			= 20
Annual Promotion Test	        = 70
Total				= 100

Only those students will be promoted who obtained cumulated 80 points as mentioned in formula.

Only those students will be conditionally promoted who obtained cumulated 70 points as mentioned in formula.


Subjects Class Attendance 5 MonthlyTest5 TermTest20 Annual Test70 Total100 Status
Subjects 5 4 18 63 90 Promoted
Subjects 4 3 12 55 74 Conditionally Promoted
Subjects 4 3 10 40 57 Not Promoted

No student will be promoted in case of fail in Deeniat subject, not even if student got required point to promote in forth year. Promotion Test Passing Marks must be 40%.

Terms and Conditions for Uniform

According to the rules and regulations of Nusrat Jahan Girls College every student has to come in proper uniform. The detail is as under:


Uniform: White Shalwar Kameez (wash & wear or cotton)

Dopatta: White cotton

Ribbon for dopatta : Will be available at college for all the classes.

F.Sc (1st Year)    UniformColor1                     F.Sc (2nd Year)   UniformColor5

B.A(3rd Year)    UniformColor2                     B.Sc(3rd  Year)   UniformColor6

B.A(4th Year)     UniformColor3                     B.Sc(4th Year)    UniformColor7

B.Com(Part-2)  UniformColor4

Shoes: Black (without heel)



Uniform:  White Shalwar Kameez (wash and wear or cotton)

Dopatta:  White cotton

Ribbon for dopatta:  Will be available at college for all the classes

Shoes: Black (without heel)

Sweater or Shawl: Black

  • Fancy jewellery is not allowed
  • Rs.200 will be fined in case of deviation.

Note: The students are allowed to wear blue uniform till September,2015.

Identification Cards

All students must have their ID cards displayed while they are On-Campus. They should be worn around their neck or pinned or clipped visibly on their clothing. Failure to have an ID card may result in penalty. Students will not be able to enter class without an ID card. If the card is lost, a fine of Rs. 100 will be charged on the issuance of the first duplicate card and Rs. 200 on the second issue. Loss of card must be reported immediately to the Admin Office. These identification cards are issued to all students of Nusrat Jahan College.

The procedure for the distribution of ID cards is as follows:

Student ID cards can be obtained from Admin Office

If an ID card is lost, it is the student’s responsibility to have it replaced. The student will fill in the appropriate form and pay the fine. After this, a temporary ID will be issued.

Students should not be asked to give their ID cards up as a part of a disciplinary action except in the case of suspension or dismissal from the college. If that is the case, only the Principal may take the ID card from the student.

College card should be returned by the end of session; clearance certification will not be issued until Admin Office receives the card.

Standard of Behavior

The standards of behavior are expected of students at all times, both on and off college, and with all people regardless of their job title or position as employees or students. The College reserves the right to discipline students behaving in ways that infringe college policy and to suspend or expel students who continue to do so. There are many staff members working to make the environment of College clean, safe and secure. It is expected that all these people will be treated with respect at all times. They are vital to the functioning of the college this includes the gardeners, sweepers, security guards, lab attendants and others. Students are not allowed to use mobile phones inside the college at any time. The students using phones in college for calls, texting or internet will be warned once only and then fined. Repeat offenders may have their mobile phone confiscated. The student will be rusticated on repeating this act.

Attendance Policy

Students will receive and sign for a copy of the attendance policy in their classes prior to the first week of college.

Attendance requirements

According to the policy of the University, students are required to have attended a minimum of 90% of their classes in each subject.

5 Points will be given only when students attend a minimum of 90% of their classes.

Attendance in all subjects will be included in this policy. This includes Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies and Deeniat Classes.

The attendance for practical classes in the science subjects will be mandatory.

Students missing five consecutive class days will be dropped from the college role unless leave has been approved.

Student can re-admit with readmission fee Rs. 1,500.

Students must attend co-curricular activities; an absence will be counted in case of failure to show.

A warning letter will be sent to the parent of those students who are missing three or more classes in any subject, and a written explanation will be required from parents on next class.

Medical leave will be given only when the student presents medical certificate.

Medical leave will be given on showing medical certificate only by following hospitals.

Fazal-e-Omar Hospital

Tahir Heart Institute

Any Government Hospital with signature of in-charge hospital or DHO.

Medical certificate must be shown within three days of medical leave, in failure to present certificate the student will be rusticated.

No Medical Certificate will be accepted after availing the leave.

Rs. 100/- will be fined on one absence in one subject. Rs. (Subject × 100) will be fined on more than one subject.

Every student should participate in society activities, in case of failure to do so the student will be sent to the executive committee of respective society with written explanation.

Attendance shortage

After the first month, at the end of each month, attendance in each subject will be calculated. At this point, any student who has missed 3 or more classes in any subject will be dropped from that subject, and the offenders will be rusticated from college.

Shortage of attendance does impact scholarships and financial assistance.

College will not issue the practical certificate in case the student wants to appear as a private candidate in the University Examination.

WARNING: Student who fail to maintain 90% attendance in all classes and/or score less than the promotion formula in the send-up examinations, will not have their examination forms sent to the University.


College Timings

As on Notice Board

Dismissal and Readmission

Students who are Academically Dismissed will not be permitted to enroll at College year. The student can get admission in next Academic Session. If a record is consistently poor, a student may not be permitted to return.

Any student who has been Academically Dismissed from College and wishes to be readmitted as a full-time student must submit a completed Application for Readmission to the Office and meet all conditions for new admission.

A student who leaves college and gets admission in another institution and wishes to come back with the designated time, will not be allowed for readmission.

Dual registered students are not allowed in this institute, in case college finds any case, that student will be immediately rusticated and will not be readmitted.

Failure (Regular or Private) students from University exam will not be readmitted.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance is available for deserving students at college. College recommends the deserving students to Nazarat Taleem for: plusFinancial Aid plusLoan (Qarz Hasna) plusScholarships