Copy Centre

Photocopy services are available at college with economical rates.

Class materials, handouts, class notes, and excerpts from articles or books when properly credited (write the author’s name, title of the text and the year published on the first page). Other materials and supporting documents of direct relevance to college business can be copied.

Each copy centre has a form for you to use. On the form, indicate the pages you want copied (if copying an excerpt from a book) or the number of originals. Indicate how many copies of each page you want. You will need to be prepared to pay the due amount at the time you place the order.

Books or several chapters of a book cannot be copied.


The College Library has been functioning since college started. Starting from a few volumes, it now contains more than 10,000 books. It has an automated Library Management System and strives to provide state-of-the-art online and electronic reference services.

Students can use the computer-based catalogue also Students have access to login to their accounts to view their activity information very soon. Students can check overdue books and fines renew a book online, place a hold on an item on loan or request a book to be paged that they cannot find on the shelves. This library management system also holds information about newly arrived books and journals and the encyclopedias, dictionaries and other reference materials. It will also provide access to the HEC Digital Library through college website.

Student Library Card will be issue on showing Student ID Cards to the Librarian. Students must carry the Library Card to issue and return books. To get membership and activate borrowing rights, students must fill the Library membership form and return the filled form to the Library along with a copy of their College ID Card.

Students also have access to student section of Khilafat Library.

Students must return the books within borrowed time, and follow the policy of Library which has been displayed in Library and College Notice Board.

Computer Labs

The computer laboratories at Nusrat Jahan College have been developed to help students with their coursework and to provide Internet access to faculty and students on campus. The standards and policies have been adopted to assure the use of the laboratories for all. These policies apply to all laboratories on campus; please refer to posted special instructions or policies in each individual lab.

The computer laboratories at Nusrat Jahan College are for the exclusive use of students, faculty and administrative staff at NJC. Laboratory managers, faculty and staff may request proof of College affiliation from anyone using the laboratories at any time.


The computer laboratories are open during college timings.

Classes are scheduled in the computer labs at various times throughout the day, and special lectures, seminars and workshops may be scheduled from time to time. Scheduled activities will always take precedence over general use. The schedule for each lab will be posted at the door. Students should consult the schedules and plan their use of the labs accordingly.

The Computer Laboratory Attendant is responsible for the enforcement of these policies and for supervising any laboratory attendants working in the laboratories.

Please do not waste paper! You will be charged for every page you print in the labs. Please review your work carefully before printing.

Always ensure that you are correctly logged out before leaving the lab. You are responsible for any activity that occurs on a lab computer while your account is logged in.

Every registered student has a limited quota of network storage space on the servers. This space is provided for the storage of academic related documents and data only. It is monitored for pirated software and other abuse. The storage of applications/programs is a violation of lab policy. Due to potential copyright infringement, users are also prohibited from storing media files (e.g. MP3s, music, movies, etc.) in this space.

All food & drink (including empty containers) on the desk will be assumed to belong to the current user. EXCEPTION: Sealed water bottles are allowed.

General policies for use of computer laboratories, applicable to all users have been displayed at computer lab.

Science Laboratories

Use laboratories facilities for bona fide educational purposes, the purposes for which you have been authorized, and in support of Academic Goals and Objectives. Other uses, such as conducting commerce not authorized by the University, are not permitted.

The labs may be closed and/or certain services may be unavailable due to unforeseen reasons. The lab is not liable to a member for damages or a refund if this occurs. Notice of service outages will be given whenever possible.

Lab property must remain in the lab. Anything removed from the lab without authorization will constitute as theft and full charges will be laid.

Following policies are individually displayed at each science laboratory:

Emergency Procedures Fire Safety Rules First aid General Safety Rules and Equipment Guide to Classes of Fires and Methods of Extinguishment Rules for Working with Chemical Carcinogens and Other Regulated Chemicals Rules for Working with Electrical Equipment Rules for Working with Laboratory Animals Rules for Working with Lasers and Other High Intensity Light Sources Rules for Working with Microorganisms Rules for Working with Radioactive Materials Disposal of Radioactive Waste