Conference Abstracts

Mirza Naseer Ahmad, J. Phoosongsee, J. J. Lambiase*, D. Toan, T. T. Oanh, 2014, Controls on Fluvial Architecture During the Syn- to Post-Rift Transition in the Gulf of Thailand. AAPG-International Conference and Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey.

Mirza Naseer Ahmad, Mirza Fazal Ahmad & Nayyar Ahmad Qamar, 2014, Role of Online Courses for Teachers Training: Case Study from Nazarat Taleem School System. ICORE, 2014, Lahore, Pakistan.

Tayyab Ahmad, Mirza Naseer Ahmad & Mirza Fazal Ahmad, 2014, Effective Measures to Reduce School Attendance Problems. ICORE, 2014, Lahore, Pakistan.

Abdul Wahid,  Mirza Sultan Ahmad and Waqar Nasir, 2013,  Platelet indices in the cases of plasmodium vivax malaria. 16TH National Pediatric Conference, December 6th -8th, 2013, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Mirza Sultan Ahmad, Waqar Nasir and Mubashra Ahmad, 2013, WBC count in probable and culture proven neonatal sepsis, and its association with mortality. 16TH National Pediatric Conference, December 6th -8th, 2013, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Mirza Naseer Ahmad, Mirza Fazal Ahmad and Tayyab Ahmad, 2013, Recruitment and Training Need Analysis of Nasir Foundation School System, Rabwah. USAID Education Conference on Teacher Recruitment, Preparation, and Policy August 20-21, 2013, Karachi, Pakistan.

Ms. Durr-e-Samin Tahir, Mr. Waqar Nasir, 2016, Height Trends in the population of Rabwah, District Chiniot and comparison with WHO Standards.International zoological conference , February 16th 2016.

Research Papers 

Mirza Naseer Ahmad, Philip Rowell and Suchada Sriburee, 2014, Detection of fluvial sand systems using seismic attributes and continuous wavelet transform spectral decomposition: case study from the Gulf of Thailand. Marine Geophysics Research, 35, 105-123.

Tayyab M Naseer, Shazia Asim, Mirza Naseer Ahmad, Farrukh Hussain and Shahid Nadeem Qureshi, 2014, Application of Seismic Attributes for Delineation of Channel Geometries and Analysis of Various Aspects in Terms of Lithological and Structural Perspectives of Lower Goru Formation, Pakistan. International Journal of Geoscience, 5, 1490-1502.

Mirza Sultan Ahmad, Ahmad, Waqar Nasir, 2014,WBC count in probable and culture proven Neonatal sepsis and its association with Mortality. Pakistan Pediatric Journal, 38(4), 211-215.

(This project is in collaboration with Pediatric section of Fazale-Omar Hospital Rabwah)

Tahir, Durr-e-Samin (2013), A preliminary report on Drosophila fauna of Lahore, Pakistan.

Dros. Inf. Serv. 96 pg. 56  
Tahir, Durr-e-Samin (2013),  A preliminary report and the frequency distribution of Drosophila species of Rabwah, Pakistan. Dros. Inf. Serv. 96  pg. 51-52

Tahir, Durr-e-Samin (2015), A presentation on “Propagation of melanogaster and non_ melanogaster species of Drosophila from five different cities of Pakistan “.35th congress zoology international hel during 1st to 4th March, 2015.

Team of Abdus Salam School of Sciences, Nusrat Jahan College Rabwah(2018), Analysis of Bacterial Load in Pre and Post-Filtered Drinking Water at the Educational Institutions of Rabwah, District Chiniot, Pakistan By Mirza Naseer Ahmad, Saad Sattar, Jaleed S. Ahmad, Rashida Sultana.For more detailsClick here