Literary Society

The Literary Society has been established to provide a platform to all literature lovers, to quench their thirst for literature and to rejuvenate classical English literature.The Society organizes different symposiums and lectures on literature in which literary intellectuals from across the country are invited. The Society also organizes various inter- and intra-institution competitions, like poetry reading, soliloquy recitation and quiz competitions. It holds critical sittings to sharpen the literary skills of institutions.Membership of the literary society is open to all students of College.

IT Society

The Computing Society is an educational society with the mission of advancing the theory and practice of information science and technology at Nusrat Jahan College.It is developed with the motive to provide an environment for student to enrich their skill with computer knowledge. By the creation of interest and awareness of information technology in college, it encourages the students to establish a technological environment.The objectives of this society are: To provide awareness of fair usage of information technology. To develop the career of student in the field of information technology field. To promote the student work and research, exchange knowledge and experience in the field of information technology To organize workshops, conferences and combine research projects among the students. To promote and develop skills in the use of computers and to increase students awareness of the importance of IT proficiency Membership is open to all students.

Biology Society

It consists of Botany and Zoology sub – committees. Its main objectives are To promote the importance of biological sciences by developing an environment among the students through a variety of activities. To develop Sciences Council. To arrange workshops, seminars and exhibitions. To provide members with social events and activities. To arrange field trips to explore the knowledge. To act as a bridge between the students of biology from different Colleges and Universities.

Physics Society

The Physics Society is an academic society. It aims to: create awareness about Physics provide a platform for students to pose questions and discuss the latest happenings of the scientific world organize workshops to help students in all fields of study initiate a research environment at an undergraduate level help Physics and non-Physics students who are having difficulty in Physics courses Research Projects Assistance in Research publications Assistance in Research Proposals

Debating Society

The Debating Society is one of the leading societies in the college. It contributes in frequent speech and debate competitions within the Nazarat Taleem’s institutions. Skills acquired through the debate program are extremely helpful in many different careers in future life.

Journalism & Sultan ul Qalam Society

This Society provides a desirable program for its members to heighten their creativity through collaboration and communication of local as well as international media. It also provides an opportunity to students to enhance their skills and talents on the platform of the Journalism Society. Through this platform students can express their opinions and ideas with reference to journalism as a subject and a practice.